Saturday, June 15, 2013

Albert Carroll

Albert J. Carroll, performer, choreographer, lyricist, dancer.
According to one source (born: circa.1895, Chicago, IL, USA – died: Dec 1, 1956 Chicago, IL, USA )
According to another source (born: March 13, 1989, Chicago IL, USA – died: April 1970, Nassau, NY, USA)

While there seems to be no biographical information available, his work shows that he was more than a “drag queen,” performing in both male and female roles which was quite common in the early days of Broadway.

His earliest known appearance was in Rachel Crothers' 1919 Broadway hit comedy 39 East starring Constance Binney with Carroll as Dr. Hubbard. The following year it was made into a motion picture by the Realart Picture Company (headed by Paramount's Adolph Zukor), and starring Constance Binney reprising her role from the Broadway play. The film was directed by John S. Robertson. Carroll again appeared in the role of Dr. Hubbard.

He continued performing through 1945 appearing in both male and female roles, in musical revues (Ziegfield Follies 1931 among others), comedies, dramas (a couple Shakespeare plays), etc. A listing of his work can be viewed at:


  1. Albert J. Carroll, son of Thomas and Margaret Daly Carroll, died in 1956. He never married. I don't know who the other Albert R. Carroll was who died in Long Island in 1970. Albert J. Carroll was the brother of Gene Carroll, who had a long running TV show in Cleveland, Ohio.

  2. Albert's obituary can be viewed in the December 6, 1956 issue of the Oak Park Oak Leaves, available through Newspaper Archive. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Chicago.